Providing a unique style to every project through our creativity, diverse skills and industry knowledge. 

 Providing a unique style to every project through our creativity, diverse skills and industry knowledge. 

Established in 1998, Basham & Lucas Design Group provides architecture, land planning, landscape architecture and graphics. We specialize in the overall theme development of master planned communities, resorts, golf clubs, health & wellness facilities, sporting venues, hospitality and specialty mixed use commercial districts that demands the

unified creative talents of all our design disciplines.

Clients working with Basham & Lucas maximize the potential of their project in every

phase of the design process.  Our understanding of market dynamics impacts planning from the development of the project’s facilities, into the theme and down to the last


Basham & Lucas Design Group has the talent, experience and knowledge to bring something new and different to every project.

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 Paul Basham, President 

Paul’s forte is creating dynamic social spaces inside and out. Starting with a story and theme, every design concept focuses on enveloping the user and creating an indelible sense of place. Through 32 years of experience he has garnered a vast knowledge and understanding of architectural design and assemblies, as well as a thorough understanding of landscape architecture. Knowing and understanding the fundamentals of both design disciplines allows for an incredible unity in the built structure and how it relates to the surrounding environment.

The firm was established by Paul in 1998 after attending the University of Florida, College of Architecture, and working 16 years with one of the leading architectural firms in Jacksonville. Since then Basham & Lucas has become known for its depth of understanding of strategic planning and market driven trends related to Planning, Architecture and Landscape Architecture. The company portfolio consists of hundreds of projects delivered to more than 50 (primarily repeat) clients. These institutions and development groups trust in the delivery of outstanding design thinking and all subsequent documentation.

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 Michael T. Lucas , AIA, NCARB, Executive

Vice Presiden 

Michael is in charge of all production in the Architecture department. With the firm specializing in the development of themed architectural resorts, master planned communities, and entertainment complexes he ensures that all the creativity coming from this group is produced in accordance with applicable codes and standards. His responsibilities include overseeing construction document production, construction administration, project closeout, as well as client meetings to discuss design parameters vs. building code restrictions.

Michael graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1983 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. He joined the firm as a partner in 1999 bringing over 16 years’ experience in retail, restaurant and commercial construction. He currently holds licenses in twelve different states with that number continuing to grow. He is a member in good standing of NCARB and the local, state and national chapters of the American Institute of Architects.

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 Bill Wilber, PLA, LEED AP, Landscape Architect 

Bill leads the Landscape Architecture team for Basham and Lucas. His responsibilities include planning, design development and project management. He is a licensed Landscape Architect with extensive experience throughout Florida and across the country. Bill considers the natural and municipal constraints of every project in order to deliver inspired yet practical solutions to the design of the built environment.

Bill graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design. He worked as a Project Manager/Designer for companies in Atlanta, Dallas, and Tulsa and was responsible for multiple aspects of each project from landscape design, workload management, site observation and construction on a multitude of project types including residential estates, hotels, hospitals, multi-family developments, colleges, and all types of commercial establishments.